You Just Don’t Understand Evolution

Some scientific intellectuals have elevated themselves to the point of priesthood. The common man hasn’t attained to their level of knowledge on the subject of evolution so when someone points out holes in the theory, they just say that you don’t understand how evolution works. They have become the new saviors of mankind, the new messiahs. We should all just trust their expertise. We should all read the same books and trust the authors know what they’re talking about. After all, scientists are the only ones with no bias, and with perfect reasoning. Once again, the truth is only accessible through the ones who can “interpret” correctly. It sounds pretty religious to me.

We need to be saved from these scientists just like we need to be saved from religious cults.

5 thoughts on “You Just Don’t Understand Evolution

  1. You sound like a petulant child who hasn’t gotten his way and are so busy trying to blame everyone else that you can’t see how your chosen ignorance impairs your ability to reason.

    You think you are poking holes in evolutionary theory? You aren’t. You are revealing how poor your understanding is about the topic, yet feel equivalent to people who have spent their lives dedicated to learning and extending our knowledge about biological ancestry. You’re not equivalent in knowledge because your basis of scientific knowledge and its methodology is so shallow. Yet you expect these busy people to take time you yourself are not willing to spend teaching you why your opinions based on religious ideology alone is an insufficient basis to even HAVE a meaningful and informed discussion about evolution. That’s why you are accused of being a troll. You add nothing to any discussion about evolution and merely attempt to sidetrack the discussion into religious apologia.

    The very point that nearly all biologists in the world accept evolution as a fact, but that your keen insight sees what they do not, reveals the scope and depth of your own arrogance and sense of self importance. This is the real gift your religious beliefs bestow on its followers: a FALSE sense of superiority, a FALSE sense of knowledge, a FALSE sense of being owed an explanation.

    For your own sake, put aside all religious belief when delving into any science and stop lugging around all this worthless religious baggage: it has no place in any of the sciences except to interfere with respecting what is demonstrably true.

  2. This post with the reply is a great example of how polarized our society has become. In fact, neither of you is an expert in the subject – neither am I for that matter. Neither of you have personally experienced how we as human beings came to be what we are today. But, you both write as if you are experts on the subject. Calling scientists a “religious cult” is inflammatory. Calling someone’s faith “worthless religious baggage” is inflammatory. Are either of you willing to admit that you do not know the facts? Are either of you willing to admit that there is a possibility that someone who thinks differently than you may actually be correct?

    Take a step back for one second and think about this – why is it so important to be correct?

    Daniel, why do you care what “scientific intellectuals” think and say? If you believe that God created the Earth and all that’s in it, does it really matter if God did this in 6 days or 600 million years?

    Tildeb, why do you care what people of faith think and say? Is it so terrible for someone to believe in a higher power and make attempts to understand that higher power?

    There is no way of knowing for sure which one of you is right, and there is no way for either of you to change anyone’s opinion by delivering insults. Unless you find it validating to hear those who think just like you think shout your praises for getting in a good “slam” on the other side.

    Really. It’s OK for someone to believe differently that you do. It’s OK. Take a deep breath.

    1. “Tildeb, why do you care what people of faith think and say? Is it so terrible for someone to believe in a higher power and make attempts to understand that higher power?”

      If I may, I would like to answer. I do not have a problem with people having faith per se. While I may have a general problem with anyone believing anything without substantiation, this is not exclusive to religion. The problem arises when said people of faith incessantly stultify the education system by undermining the scientific community and merely play on the general sentiment of “fair play.” While I am all for questioning, the questioning should be made by those who have sufficient knowledge in the area and not by those with a religious/political/idealogical agenda.

      Evolution has been made out to be this conspiracy perpetuated by the scientific community (and, apparently, the theistic scientists are in on it too). It is really frustrating to hear the misinformation permeate throughout our society, especially when we are currently suffering from a decline in education. There is something significant in the fact that our education is declining at the same time that the religio-nuts are constantly trying to undermine the scientific community.

  3. The fact here are, well, the same facts for everybody. Creationists look at commonality between species and see common design. Darwinists look at it and see common decsent. There are many examples of this. Evolutionists, at least the armchair evolutionists, do claim to have the facts on their side. But really, the facts are impartial. Both sides study the same facts and come to different conclusion. About 55% of Phds are openly for evolution. That doesn’t exactly knock it out of the ballpark. It all comes down, really, to what you’re willing to believe. If you’re looking for God in the evidence you will see him. If you’re look for Darwin in the evidence, that’s what you’ll see. What this demonstrates is, that it is a choice.

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