The Christian Bible

Truth is exclusive, therefore, not all religious texts can be true if they disagree with one another. However, that is not a reason to discount all texts. Search for the text that is true. It is possible that all texts can be false. But, it is equally possible that at least one could be true. You should engage in this process of weeding out the lies to find the truth, and not falsely and lazily declare the whole process pointless.

People stick to the Christian Bible because they believe they have found truth for their lives that gives meaning, purpose, and a clear grounding for morality. But moreover, they believe they have found the fulfillment of human existence in the union of God and man. And, in my opinion, the Christian Bible provides the only way for that union to exist without requiring you to attain an unreachable goal of perfection; which also simultaneously nullifies any self-pride that might have emerged because of the work that you might have done to achieve salvation. The Christian Bible declares salvation by the hands of God only. It is God seeking man, and not man seeking God. I believe that is one of the main differences between Christianity and all other religions.

And to me, this truth is obvious because through experience in this world, we see that man is not just the questioner, he is the question. When he asks a question, he looks for answers because the answer is not in him. He must find it. Every question that God asks points back to himself for he doesn’t just give answers, he is the answer. Truth is wholly apart from us. It exists out of the necessity of its own nature. And the Christian Bible, to me, provides the clearest view of truth. If you treat it the same as every other text, you will never see truth in it.