What is supernatural?

What is supernatural? It is other than natural, not part of reality. Whatever reality turns out to be, it is natural. If we have souls, they are natural. If there are angels, they are natural. Anything that is part of reality, is part of creation, and therefore natural. So, what is supernatural? It is something that does not have a nature, something that is not created, does not exist in our world. If God is said to be supernatural, what does that tell us about God? Nothing. It gives us no knowledge of him. It only tells us what God is not. God is not-universe, not created. God is wholly other than the universe. The word supernatural, then, is exploratory. It is a step into the unknown to try to give it a description. Those who use it disparagingly step into nothing briefly only to mock it. Those who use it with reverence express only a desire to know, to know the source of everything.

The Downfall of Understanding

“If God would do something supernatural that I could see and that cannot be explained by nature, then I would believe in him.”

Proof is a fickle thing. What is counted as proof today can be dismissed once it is understood. The human heart is so defiant that every generation will find new ways to challenge the existence of God. Whatever proof is offered at any time in history, we will always demand something else. Remember, at one point in time, the world could not be explained. It’s existence was proof that God existed. Once we understand a thing, we lose the wonder we held for it.

I am sure that if God were to come down and send us a sign of his existence that the world would once again explain it away once they understood it.

Supernatural Gifts


A deity has given you the gift of omnipresence. What will you do with it? You do not possess omnipotence or omniscience. Could you even contain it in your body (your eyes can only see in front of you)? What use would it be without the other two gifts? Could you turn the gift on and off at will? Does is mean you could simultaneously be in hell and heaven? Could you see every atom and molecule? Does this mean you could shrink in size or is this not applicable? Are there places you would not want to be? 

I will answer these questions at a later time. In the meantime your answers are appreciated.

 Extra thoughts:

Is God present in hell seeing that hell is a place of eternal separation from God? Or does it mean that God sees hell and is not actually in it?