If Women Ruled the World

What if women could take a pill that would make them pregnant? And what if they could choose which gender their child becomes? Men could quite possibly be phased out and women would rule the world. Who’d bring the bacon… or wear the pants?

Things to consider: The inevitable extinction of classic rock, less noise around the house, etc.

May cause heart reversal, navel discharge, skin failure, full body shrinkage, reincarnation, spontaneous combustion, planned combustion, male pregnancy, post-modern apathy, black plague, deja vu, alien abduction, prenatal baldness, dry mouth, dry blood, loss of all emotion and assimilation into the hive mind, addiction, bad hair days, severe addiction, deja vu, lumbago, Saint Vitus dance, oily discharge, fecal complexion, fear of clowns, molting or shedding of exoskeleton, Presbyterianism, inability to use spoons, mystic enlightenment, funk, devil’s haircut, stink fist, electric head, x-ray vision and super strength, demagoguery, piano legs, change in complexion, change in ethnicity, Russian accent, deja vu, entropy, tin ear, comical Jesse Helms like jowls, Siamese twins, Vietnam War flashbacks, loss of balance, the munchies, crab lice, explosive diarrhea, explosive (literally) diarrhea, evil eye and tendency to become verklempt (look it up).