I Didn’t Do It!

I watched the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation today. Other than being a trip down nostalgia lane, it was thought provoking. The villain in the story, “Q”, lost no time in putting humanity on trial. He demanded that the crew of the Enterprise answer for the actions of humanity committed throughout history. Picard’s reply was, “Test us. We are not the same as them.”

Although we all want to be part of a group and have friends, in the end we don’t want to be lumped together and judged. Do you feel that you need to answer for everyone else’s actions?

The actions of humanity haven’t always been commendable throughout history: War, genocide, rape, murder, terrorism, creating the TV show Family Matters. However, humanity on trial isn’t feasible. None of us are the same. Each of us react different and have distinct moral standards. There are many folks that murder and many folks who render first aid. Movies like Surrogates and Gamer suggest that man will devolve into his basest instincts and drives if there are no consequences for his actions. An example of this is porn. Porn is a kind of surrogacy. You can’t have sex at that moment so someone else is doing it for you. The porn industry does bring in billions of dollars so it is safe to say many people are filling a void with digital pixels of sexual images. Does this mean that people will always choose basic instincts if no consequences are involved?

I won’t deny that giving in to those drives are appealing. However, if you give yourself over to them you may find that you become a slave. (In the voice of Yoda) Nothing more than a beast you may become.

Being human is more than giving in to an inner drive. We have an ability that other creatures do not have. The ability to choose. We have the ability to do good and evil, but that doesn’t mean we automatically choose evil. So, although Nero may have done terrible things, I didn’t. I chose a different path.

Let us all be judged on our own merits. (That is, if we’re ever judged by “Q”.)

A Recent Conversation

 “So, what about all these end of the world movies?”

 “Ya, I know. It’s a hot topic nowadays. I wonder why.”

 “My pastor says the world is going to end before 2018. I don’t like it when people put dates on this stuff… makes them look like a quack. You know, there was book called 88 reasons God is coming back in 1988. That didn’t pan out well. The next year there was another book called 89 reasons God is coming back in 1989. I wonder if the author just ported over most of the previous reasons for the new book. Stupid huh?”

 “I think the end of the world is popular because the Mayan calendar only goes up to 2012. Hence the movie.”

 “Let’s see… there is 2012, I Am Legend, all the zombie movies… what else?”

 “The Day After Tomorrow.”

 “Ya, that was a good one. The reason my pastor says the world will end on 2018 is because there is something in the Bible about God coming back within one generation of Israel becoming a nation. And a generation in the Bible is 70 years… supposedly.”

 “I like Nostradamus. He had some interesting predictions. He said something about World War II: flying machines with pig faces. Pretty accurate.”

 “Ya well… not all of his predictions came true. If he’s not 100% accurate then he’s no good.”

 “No one can be 100% accurate.”


 “Do you believe the Bible to be 100% accurate?”

 “Yes. I do.”

 “It was written by men you know. Jesus didn’t write it. It can’t be 100% accurate.”

 At this I rolled my eyes. “Not another Bible error conversation.” I thought.

 “What’s wrong?”

 *sigh* “It’s just I’ve had too many of these conversations and I’m tired of them. I know what I believe and why I believe it. I don’t need another person telling me how inaccurate the Bible is.”

 “Well, I look at things differently than most people.”

 “I’m sure you do.”

 Post Script:

 I really don’t need men to show me whether the whole Bible is accurate or not. Only a few verses need to be accurate. The ones where God says he has preserved his word. If those verses are good then the rest of the Bible is good.

Cool it with the Phones People!

Why is answering the phone so important? People drop whatever they do so they can answer it. People answer their phones in the middle of speeches, on the toilet, while they’re on another phone, in church, in the movie theater, while they’re eating dinner, in the middle of a conversation (with an actual living person in front of them), and the list goes on. Nowhere is this blatant disregard for dealing with what’s in front of you more annoying than in the store. I’ll walk into a store and try to get the clerk’s attention but he is busy answering the phone. (And don’t those phone conversations seem to last forever?) Nevermind that the line at his register is 10 people long.


The phone rang in my house yesterday and even though I was eating dinner I instinctively went to get it. Ah, but fate threw a twist in my plans. The phone was not on the receiver. I put a valiant effort into finding it, i.e. scanning the room quickly after which I proclaimed the phone would not be answered. My wife about had a panic attack, so I continued the search. Finally, the phone stopped ringing and we went back to eating.

 I’m a firm believer in not answering the phone. Most of the time, nothing on the phone is more important then what I’m doing at the time even if I’m watching Phineas and Ferb. People, if you call my phone, you can…. oh… wait, the phones ringing.