A letter to those who have witnessed great evil in these modern times

Knowing then full well the great evil that lies within each of us, can we trust anymore other men for the answers? Every man is a liar, for what dwells within us is a lie. We are broken from the inside, pretending we are whole, and instructing others in our well developed version of lies while passing them for truth. Thus, our hearts cry out for truth to come and rid us of ourselves; we who speak healing and hurt with the same mouth, hatred and love, words of peace and words of violence. How long should we be suffered to live as a contradiction? Who will come and relieve us of this burden? The great necessity is that the truth must find us. There is no other alternative, for a lie can never reach the truth. It will forever miss the mark.

Let Truth grapple with Falsehood in the streets


Is there anything more basic than faith in the God of creation? Faith that he provided forgiveness and a way for us to be together? Indeed, many atheistic debaters say it is too simple. It’s when we use reason to describe him or what he wants that we have natural contention. To this, I say, “Bring it on.” Let truth grapple with falsehood in the streets. But, let us not bring our “isms” to the fight, these warped windows that we see the world through. Let us not use modernity as our foundation for argument, for it changes all the time. By all means, however, let the lies test the truth. The truth will be stronger as a result. But, let us not allow these things to corrupt our relationship with God. Once inferior ideas are understood to be inadequate, let us drop them and reject them as idols so that there is only the individual and God. If we are to stand before God and give an account, we will not be able to blame our “isms” or modern ideas. Faith saves In the end not reason, philosophy, theology, or intellect. This is the only equality that matters to mankind throughout history, the equal opportunity of faith in God to all people at all times. For no other equality reaches the eternal.