The Heretical god


It is a sad fact of the Church that its members declare boldly God’s love for the world and yet also delineate just as boldly where in the world love’s limits can be found. ‘Love goes this far and no farther.’

Ephesians 3:19 says God’s love passes knowledge. But, many take God’s incomprehensible love, shrink it down and place limits on it. Whether intentional or not, this makes God’s love comprehensible. The Biblical revelation in 1 John 4:8 says that ‘God is love.’ As God and his Love are one and the same, placing limitations on God’s love is a heresy. For to declare limits on God’s love is the same as to declare limits on God, and thus, to declare God as comprehensible. But, no one can reduce the Infinite to the finite, or the Formless to some form. To do so is to make God a god. And the only useful thing to do to a god is to kill him.

‘But, who has placed limits on God?’ One might ask.

It is those in the Reformed Tradition (RT), which is to say, the intellectual descendants of John Calvin. But, it is equally those in the Arminian Tradition (AT), the intellectual descendants of Jacobus Arminius. For the former declares God chooses for Himself only a portion of the already-damned humankind, and the latter declares the All-Powerful One to be impotent against man’s will to damn himself. For the RT, God will do nothing for the finally-damned portion or humankind. For the AT, God can do nothing for the finally-damned portion of humankind.

For both Traditions, God’s love does not pass knowledge. They know its limits. And, therefore, they know, as in fully comprehend, God. Let us, as true members of the Church, wipe this god of theirs from our minds, for that is this god’s only real use. And worship the God who is limitless, infinite, and formless Love.

John 3:17, For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

a pox on both your houses

The Calvinist: God will save only those he wants to save.

The Arminian: He wants save everyone; God is all-loving. He died to save everyone.

The Calvinist: If God is all-powerful, he will not fail to save those he wants to save. Not all will be saved. But, if you say God wants to save everyone, then you have to admit that he will fail because not all will be saved. If he fails, then he is not all-powerful and therefore he is not God.

The Arminian: But, the Bible clearly states that God wants to save everyone. That’s what an all-loving God would do. If he only saves a select group, then he does not love everyone. If he does not love all, then he is not all-loving and therefore he is not God.

The Calvinist: God loves everyone, but his love is an expression of his all-powerful nature. God’s highest name is Sovereign. God sends people to Hell as an expression of his Soveriegnty.

The Arminian: God is all-powerful, but his sovereignty is an expression of his all-loving nature. God’s highest name is Love.

The Calvinist: No. your God is not all-powerful. He cannot save everyone and is therefore impotent.

The Arminian: Well, your God is not all-loving. He will not save everyone and therefore shows some people love and hates others.