A Common Insanity


There is a common insanity today. It is that we have separated all that we hold dear from reality: we have separated values from facts. As a result, morality has become a matter of personal preference, a sort of delusion that we indulge in. If separation has created the problem, a marriage of the two will fix it. So let’s do it. Let’s marry it. Here we go: All things are moral, from the rocks and the trees to the birds in the sky, even man himself. All things are for an end and all things are for a use. Water is good to drink, coal to burn, and wool to wear. A thing is good insofar as a working together of parts and efforts serves its proper end. This is essential to any being. A thwarting of that end or a misuse of it is wrong. Wool cannot be drunk, water cannot be spun, coal cannot be eaten. Each of these things in nature is an education to the mind, an education in proper use. Just like water has its proper use, so does a man and woman. A man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. Any argument that asserts otherwise requires the separation of nature from morality; a separation of facts from values. Marry them together and we have a foundation for right and wrong. Separate them and we merely have cultural preferences that aren’t founded in anything real; in short, a delusion.

Things have their proper use. Natural things are made to serve a certain end. We all look at something and ask “What it is for? What is its purpose?” Nature does have a purpose after all, doesn’t it? Things are made and formed in certain ways and not others. This is indeed evidence for God. If things produced an infinite variety of ends, i.e. if water was sometimes for making thread, if coal was sometimes for drinking, and never at any time could we figure out what was going to be produced next, there would be no such thing as purpose. There would only be chaos and we would not have evidence for God. But, things do happen quite regularly, don’t they. There is order. There is a God.

Nature is the ally of religion.

Dear Atheist and Christian,

Science and religion bicker in the backseat
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Let me state some things here that we all may agree on. Science cannot answer the question of why we are here, or if there is a power behind the things science observes. That is simply not the job of science. Science basically states observed facts, conducts experiments, and then states what happened at such and such a time. We know 1% of the knowledge of the universe, and that’s probably an exaggeration. The other 99% at this time is beyond our grasp. Why do I say this? I state the previous to affirm that science deals with parts of the whole only. Never at any time is science in possession of the whole. Evolution is a theory made by those who take the parts and imagine what the whole could be. Let’s not be deceived here. It’s not the job of science to point to or support the theory of evolution or religion. To state either as fact while citing scientific evidence is really stating your own bias. Even if science was in possession of the whole, it still would not answer the “why” question or prove there was a power behind it, since, if there was a power, it would not be one of the observed facts but rather the reality that created them.

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