Economic Recession… Really?

Thoughts from La Encantada (It’s a mall folks)

I thought we were in an economic recession. No one could tell from the group of stores I visited today. Items were so expensive that I wonder how these stores stay in the black. A little black dress costs $800. A shirt with barely any fabric on it costs $180, and that was the cheapest we could find. Who would buy these things. I know I don’t have the money, and yet hundreds of people were walking around like they were completely comfortable with the prices. (There were a lot of white people) I bet if the store made one sale a day they could close the store and go home. The stuff is that expensive! Ridiculous! Sometimes I think the whole economic recession was made up so the country would fall into a panic. I tell you, the more power and trust we put into our government, the more deceived we are.

On the plus side, I saw a lot of unique items. These were inexpensive but still interesting.

This is hot sauce folks!

This was very good root beer. Less carbonation and more syrup. Yum!

I couldn’t pass this one up. Lucy… you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!