List of Logical Fallacies



2 thoughts on “List of Logical Fallacies

  1. I very much appreciate this post. However, doesn’t the example that you use for Appeal To Ignorance suggest a subtle circular logic or even straw man?

    “No one has proved to me that there is a God. So, there is no God.”

    Do people not often expose the fallacy in this thinking as an argument for faith?

    In my mind, the question should not be “is there a God or not,” but “should I believe in God or not?”

    I answer this question to myself by responding, “experience has shown me that putting faith in anything without evidence makes one prone to self-destruction.”

    I fear that the majority of people are not exposed to enough mathematics to understand its indifference. In fact, I don’t believe math, chance and probability are where human beings excel. Our brains like to jump to conclusions. Our grey matter prefers things to be black and white. So, it may make it difficult to construct beliefs based on probability of truth rather than insisting on narrowing it down to “right and wrong” … “God or no God” …

    If I can’t convince myself that there is a 50.000000001% chance that there is a God, then I probably shouldn’t go around believing that.

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