The Universe and Everything

Sir, I exist!
Sir, I exist!


At many times in my life I have given much thought to the serious issues of science, religion, God, philosophy, and why I do the things I do. Analyzing everything seems to be an obsession of my family. Of late, I have decided to delve into the deep issues once more and divulge my unique disposition. (Which may not be as unique as I think) Today, while I pondered weak and weary upon my forgotten book of lore, my daughter asserts her presence by speaking to me through a stuffed giraffe called Doctor. She insists I say hello and have a rousing and meaningful conversation. As I spoke to Doctor, I realized that all the questions I endeavor to answer and their respective meanings are not worthy to be compared with spending time with one’s children. It strikes me that if Billy Sunday had acquired this philosophy his children may have turned out differently. Losing one’s children to other pursuits in life is never a good thing. So I remind you the reader to regard family higher than all other inquiry.



Whut in tarnation is wrong wif bein’ homeshooled? ah’s a smart kid, cuss it all t’ tarnation. Not so fine at English, but ah speak it alright. Mah Mammy says thet ah will find a friend someday. She don’t knows thet ah go t’th’ next dore neighbo”s house when she’s not lookin’ an’ play wif Dillon. Th’ reason she doesn’t like them is cuz they lissen t’rock moosic. She talks all th’ time about how bad th’ beatles moosic is, but I’ve got a few of them in mah jar an’ they nevah hurt no one. Ennyway, they doesn’t lissen t’it while ah’s aroun’. They seem like church gwine varmints t’me cuz they lissen t'”Stairway t’Hevvin” all th’ time.

Errors in the Bible

Science Catching up to God


How do you talk to someone about truth if the Bible is faulty? A coworker told me recently that there has to be errors in the Bible because the best way to control the minds of people is to control their source of authority i.e. the Bible. And who’s to say that people didn’t either accidentally or on purpose change words here and there throughout history. OK. Fine. Suppose the Bible was at least partly incorrect, let’s say 25%. That would mean 75% would be correct. How would you distinguish between accurate passages and inacurrate passages? It seems to me that if one part is wrong then all of it can be called into question. I also don’t think that one has to be versed on how many supporting documents the Bible has in order to prove it is true. Nor do I think that one has to know the history or “chain of custody” so to speak. Besides, I never seem to have a history book, or any one of the 5,000 supporting texts with me when I have these conversatons. And because these things are conveniently missing from my fingertips, I can never prove or support my arguments. Therefore, I render the whole “evidence” argument moot. Either the Bible is or isn’t true. Swaying your opponent from his staunch position almost never happens. I mainly find that those who call the Bible into question never really read it anyway. I have yet to be asked a question about a specific “error”. And please don’t gather evidence from here and there piecing together an opinion. Research the source.