Reverse Psychology

When the veil of human ignorance is taken away, we find out what has been happening all along: that we only seemed to be the questioners, the teachers, the testers, the judges, the knowing ones acting like scientists looking for God in a test tube. In reality we are the questioned, the tested, the students, the judged, the known ones. When God asks a question he either is the answer or the answer lies within him. That is the nature of God, which man does not have. Truth is not simply around God or known by him, truth is him. This is why when we answer his question, it does not leave us lost, but found. And not only found, but joined to the Truth himself. People who observe the world around us with the intent only to know ourselves better (our origins, our present condition, and our future), are still left with uncertainty, for who knows what new discoveries will confuse the present ones and suffer man to redefine himself once again. If men observe the world and ask the question, “Who is God?” instead of, “Who is man?”, we can obtain certainty. For this reason, belief in God is not religion, it is the discovery of the true nature of reality, for God is reality. Reality based on man is fictional, delusional, a fairy tale: as evidenced by the absence of satisfying truth in man based answers. Questions that originate in man leave us lost at sea. Questions that originate in God set us on dry land.

Dear Philosophical Atheist,

Is truth learned from the top down, or from the bottom up?

The more I hear your arguments, the more I realize that your conclusions are based upon philosophy. You will say that it is based upon facts, but the facts can be looked at in many different ways. There are legitimate arguments on various sides of the issue that you ignore, and there are legitimate arguments on your side of the issue that others ignore. Evolution and Intelligent Design are philosophies, ways of looking at facts. Even if you decide that you only know what you personally witness, you still have to interpret those facts, and who knows if you get it right? Is a man sitting on a bench talking to himself or is he talking to God? Even if we get the man’s input, that conclusion is still left up to us. Interpretations run wild in this world. Those of us who trust in God don’t give up our reason. Our reason is rather guided on a particular course. Do you really think that you have no need for a God who can instruct us in true reality, when you aren’t even sure of your own interpretations?

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