Prayer is an effect of grace given to us by God. Prayer also affects us, through the work of the Holy Spirit, by increasing our capacity for receiving His grace. Without God first giving us the gift of grace, not one person would be able to pray. It’s because of this John says, “We love God because He first loved us.” Thus, prayer finds its beginning in each person because God first draws each person to Himself. And prayer opens the door for further grace to enter. We, his children who wish to become the sons and daughters of God, do not frustrate His grace, but find our true selves within His glorious light.

3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Well, aren’t you the Special One to be selected by God. Yup, no arrogance here.

    And He didn’t select me. Go figure. It must be because you’re more special to Him than I am. (But I’m not worthy, Lord!)

    Do you ever think before you write such egotistical and victim-making religious drivel? Apparently, no. You just presume non believers will go along with this back-handed vilification you commit in the name of your God silently. It makes Him a monster in our eyes. And you seemingly don’t have a clue the disservice you do not just to your fellow man by creating the division of the select and non selected but to your pathetic little god if this were indeed the case. What a dick.

    1. You have been selected, Tildeb. We have all been selected. But, let me admit, I know not the mystery of each man or woman’s final end. This next thing I’m about to say, I certainly feel, though I do not know. If one day, by God’s mercy, I find myself within the kingdom of heaven, I don’t think I could confidently bask in the light of God’s grace knowing that you were somewhere else. It pains me to think of you in that way. It should be, and ought to be, my desire to mount an expedition, even if by myself, to retrieve you from any darkness that may cover you. And, if you do not, or cannot, consent to enter into God’s Kingdom here on earth, I hope you will do so in the life to come. For as sure as anything, God’s mercy endures forever.

      I’m sorry for the mean things I’ve said to you in the past. I ask your forgiveness.


      1. “Prayer is an effect of grace given to us by God.”

        Prayer is easy. Billions do it every day. Have done since forever.
        Only…those other people do it to their own gods.
        Nothing fails like prayer.

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