The Halls

What’s wrong is that when we begin to look into whether Christianity is true, we walk not into the halls of the Church, but into the halls of academia.

3 thoughts on “The Halls

  1. Byblacksheep,

    That sounds like the beginning of a conversation I don’t want. Please stick to the subject at hand. I don’t want to debate Islam or contrast religions.

    We all should be able to walk into church and encounter people who can deeply and honestly explain Christianity. And these same people should profoundly live Christianity, not just explain it. We also should be able to come into contact with a 2000 year old tradition of Biblical interpretation and Apologetics and not just an anti-tradition attitude with beliefs that have only been ironed out within the last 50 years or even 400 years.

    But we do not encounter this at church. At least, I don’t.

    1. I don’t want to debate Islam or contrast religions.

      You perhaps should. The ‘contrasting religions’ thing.
      When I was a small boy, I was captivated by movies and TV dramas based on ancient Greece and Rome.
      Pop history. Light stuff.

      I couldn’t help but notice how they too had their temples and priests and nary a word about “our” god.
      It got the ball rolling.

      Even at that young and tender age, I couldn’t help but notice some very odd parallels.
      Then, over the years, I added more casual knowledge about other religions both long dead and others still around in other parts of the world.
      Again, the same odd similarities.

      In fact, those similarities were downright suspicious.

      All that temple building and praying and donating money etc. For a fake religion.
      A complete scam.
      A scam that hooked millions for centuries and raked in the money.
      Not just one scam either. All of ’em.

      And there were and are so many of them. A world simply littered with places of worship old and new, abandoned and current. Representing an organized system of belief that was clearly successful for ages and ages and ages until eventually it wasn’t. That doesn’t even include the fly-by-night operations that never lasted longer than the death of it’s founder.

      As a boy, I had a very simple view of the world and a very simple view of religions in general.
      But I noticed those strange parallels, those commonalities.
      I created a list.
      And every new religion that I happened across as I grew older neatly conformed to that list.
      There were never any surprises.

      Perhaps you can guess what made it on that list. We could compare notes.

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