The Halls

What’s wrong is that when we begin to look into whether Christianity is true, we walk not into the halls of the Church, but into the halls of academia.


2 thoughts on “The Halls

  1. Byblacksheep,

    That sounds like the beginning of a conversation I don’t want. Please stick to the subject at hand. I don’t want to debate Islam or contrast religions.

    We all should be able to walk into church and encounter people who can deeply and honestly explain Christianity. And these same people should profoundly live Christianity, not just explain it. We also should be able to come into contact with a 2000 year old tradition of Biblical interpretation and Apologetics and not just an anti-tradition attitude with beliefs that have only been ironed out within the last 50 years or even 400 years.

    But we do not encounter this at church. At least, I don’t.

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