Investigating God pt. 1


Suppose you and I set out on a great quest to find God. We looked under every rock, mountain, and hiding place in the earth. We examined all the biological life and found none that were God. We took to the stars and searched every planet, analyzed deep craters, and went diving into vast alien oceans. And when they turned up empty, we went spelunking in the depths of every black hole, scoured every galaxy until there were none left to scour, and still, we could not find God. We then compiled our findings and made a list of every item in the universe, and counted the universe itself as one of the items. Next, we launched ourselves into the multiverse and witnessed the birth and spectacular deaths of all the universes as they came into existence and passed away. Having a “doorway” to every universe, we searched each one and aggregated the items we found there into our impossibly massive list. And, still, God was not found among them. Finally, we found the origin of the multiverse, whatever contraption that may be, and discerned its inner workings, and from it discovered all the knowledge contained within every universe ever generated. The knowledge of the infinite ages was ours, but alas, in all that knowledge was not the knowledge of God. So with weary faces, we turned our eyes toward home, that quaint universe from which we emerged, and told our fellow man of all we had found, and what we had not found. And while the whole world watched, we pointed to our massive list and resolutely revealed the one sentence of which we could now speak with authority: “There is no God within the whole of existence.” As we ended our lecture, a dingy farmer in dirty overalls and a piece of straw in his mouth greets us enthusiastically with a firm handshake. After a quick spit of tobacco extrudes from the side of his mouth he says, “Its such an honor to meet you sirs. My name is Morgan, I’m a Christian, and I already knew all that.”



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