What is left of Hell?

Death is now the servant of Christ, bringing me to my own death only to find the bars of Hell broken and the gates crushed and every place therein filled with Christ’s glorious light. Even there his hands lead me and his right hand holds me. He led all the captives which came before me up to Heaven’s height. Shall he do the same for me? Every lightened place and every broken bar is a promise that he will not leave me. Be not afraid, my soul, and neither be in despair, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. When I am ready to enter into God’s fiery presence, and walk before him in purity; when my own sepulchers are emptied, when His light blazes through my own murky depths; when I am stripped naked: then am I clothed in royal linen. And then is the ring put on my finger. And what shall I desire of God after all of this except what he planned to give me from the beginning, when he saw me yet being unperfect — a new name.


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