He is not God

How effective was Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection? Sure, love covers a multitude of sins but does it cover all sins? Christians say that the blood of Jesus is enough to wipe away even the worst of sins, but I don’t think even they really believe this. For these same Christians will later backtrack and say the only sin that is not forgiven is the rejection of Jesus as your savior. Apparently, Christ’s blood does not cover those who reject him. The situation is similar to that in the Garden of Eden; only, instead of “of all trees in the garden you may freely eat except for THIS one”, the commandment is “of all the commandments laid upon men, thou mayest freely violate, except for THIS one.” God can take a murderer, a rapist, even a genocidal maniac; but he cannot take those who reject him. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; or my Son’s sacrifice is ineffective.” Nothing is impossible for God, except forgiving rejection.

Is this your god, Christians? Is his grace really that impotent? God’s grace crashes through every barrier, breaks every chain, but must bow down as to an idol when it encounters the stubborn human heart. Is not a God who covers even the sin of rejection greater than one who must bow down to it? And if God is less than the greatest, he is not God.

2 thoughts on “He is not God

  1. You say God is rejecting, but I disagree. God extends His invitation to all, but it is us individuals who reject Him. Why would God want us to spend eternity with Him if we don’t want Him?

    Yes, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will cancel all sins if we repent. The only unforgiven sin is rejecting the Holy Spirit’s call to us. How can we be forgiven if we don’t ask for it in the first place?

    isn’t that like blaming a girlfriend or boyfriend for not going out on a date when we never asked them out?


    1. Thank you for your reply.

      Your statement “You say God is rejecting” is a misunderstanding of what I said. Nowhere in my post did I say that God rejects anyone. That is the kind of thing a Calvanist would say. I don’t insult God in that manner. I did imply, however, that the current Christian understanding of God sees him as powerless against the stubborn human heart. He isn’t rejecting, he’s just impotent. It’s a terrible understanding and it needs to be jettisoned.

      The rest of your reply seems to be in agreement with what I’ve written. But you do ask a couple questions that I want to answer.

      1. Why would God want us to spend eternity with Him if we don’t want Him?

      First of all, we, as humans, were made in such a way that the highest happiness and fulfillment we could enjoy is only satisfied by God himself. God wills the good of the creatures he has made, and our highest good is found in him. God desires the good for us even when we don’t desire it ourselves. Not wanting to be with God because of ignorance, or misunderstanding, or just plain sin, constitutes a malfunction of the human creature. When we work properly, we desire God above all.

      If we don’t want him, does that mean God gives up on his desires? If your child doesn’t want you, does that mean you give up your desire to be with him? Both answers are “no”. God desires your ultimate good, and will not let you settle for a lesser good. He is ever steering you, even disciplining and punishing you, toward the divine goal of sharing in his divine life. God does not give up. And, I would add, he does not give up on the souls in hell. He does not turn a deaf ear to their cries. He will keep on burning away their impurities until the pure creature that God made finally is freed from its sin and the pure soul recognizes in God all that he has longed for. Shall the mother, seeing her son in hell, being moved with compassion have greater love for him than God? Would she not petition God on his behalf if she saw him cry out for God in the midst of his suffering? God will not be outdone in love and compassion for his creatures who bear his image. Shall he reject his image, now calling out to him from the pit of hell? No one can out-do God in love, generosity, and compassion. But, the soul will not come out of those fires till he has paid the uttermost farthing.

      2. How can we be forgiven if we don’t ask for it in the first place?

      Here, I must ask you, How many times are you to forgive? What did Jesus say? Seventy times seven. Of course, we take this to mean that we must always forgive those who have wronged us. We do not sit and count until we have forgiven 490 times and then begin to hold a grudge. Not only that, Jesus said, not only to forgive but to love our enemies. Are we to hold back our forgiveness and love until our neighbor or our enemy asks for it? No. We are to forgive and love regardless of whether it is returned back to us with evil or with good. If God requires this of us, is he now a hypocrite who will not forgive until we ask for it? Shall the God of all the universe do less than his creatures? No. Of course we are forgiven and loved, even if we do not ask for it. It is the gift of God, it is not of ourselves, lest we should boast to our neighbor, saying, “I asked and you did not.”

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