Broken Bodies Beside the Mountain

A certain man had many children. He loved each and every one and had such a hard time raising them up properly. Many of them were unruly but a few of them were sweet and remained close to their father even when they disobeyed him. The father would constantly take his children out onto the mountain side nearby to play and enjoy the day. The only danger was a steep cliff a few hundred feet away. He knew it was possible that his children could fall off the cliff to their deaths. And, all the children were afraid of the horrible danger the cliff presented. However, the unruly and rowdy nature of most of his children took them close to the danger and some of them fell. Their broken bodies lay on the rocks below. The father still permitted his children to play wherever they wanted and kept a chosen few, the ones who stayed close to him, away from the danger while allowing the others to get as close to the cliffs and they desired.

The chosen ones pleaded with their father to prevent his other children from getting too close to danger, but he replied that his love was restricted by his children’s freedom. His children could not understand such a love and ran away from their father shouting, “We don’t want you to love us, if you do not love all your children!”


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