Atheism can have no wish for a moving Theism

I’m surprised at the extremely Christian Fundamentalist attitude of Atheists. I come across it when I question some aspect of God or long-held belief that Fundamentalists believe. In moving these Christians away from error, I not only get opposition from them, but from Atheists. I’ve come to realize that Atheists can have no wish for a changing, growing, or moving Christianity. For then they must change what they deny. If we would only give them some positive claim they can understand sufficiently enough to deny, they can go about their merry way. Always wishing for something concrete to grasp in the world and in religion, atheists are most comfortable with the hardened Fundamentalist conception of Christianity. That is the thing they can most fully grasp in order to most coherently reject. But, that cannot be the case for Christians. If we were to say that what has been said in the past is all that can be said, the prospect of future Christianity would be dim and unadventurous. Not to mention that things that don’t grow die.

10 thoughts on “Atheism can have no wish for a moving Theism

      1. We do it by growing our understanding of the text; by being aware of other legitimate interpretations, by exploration. Fundamentalism holds to one understanding of God and the Bible and forbids questioning. They refuse to grow. It’s better to give up our preconceived notions about God allow ourselves to explore these things. We may then be able to add something valuable to the pantheon of great works that have revolutionized our understanding of God.

        The point is that we can be in error and another may correct us. We should be brave enough to let this happen.

      2. I can’t say that I’m against religion losing it’s caustic-to-society aspects but I suspect that if such is done what remains might be difficult to call religion.

      3. I don’t really know what you mean there. But, I think the freedom to disagree about God in the public square would have a good effect on society. Preventing the conversation is just Fundamentalism resurrected in a different form. A secular dogmatism is just as worse.

      4. I agree with that. I seldom find theists willing to actually discuss their world view openly. I suspect this is because they do not know from where it is derived other than it comes from a book and they get updates on Sunday mornings. They don’t seem able to defend their own beliefs never mind answer honest questions about them.

        Apologists seem to me to be dogmatic in grand degree, unwilling to discuss any possibility but their own beliefs.

      5. I’d have to say that this reflects my own experience too.
        Take this new Hell problem thinky of yours as a garden fresh example.

        Making Hell not Hell but a kinder, gentler Hell or….something (???) is going to take some impressive tapdancing.
        Sadly, the details are suitably vague at present.

        We do it by growing our understanding of the text; by being aware of other legitimate interpretations, by exploration.

        Sounds conveniently subjective.
        No doubt your understanding of text is excellent, right?
        Oh good. That’s a relief.

        I’m sure you personally are aware of other legitimate interpretations and can spot legitimacy in a jiffy?

        Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt?
        Well, hot diggity. You are just the man for the job. What were the chances that you would have the perfect combination of skills necessary to pluck the rose from such a thorny bush?

        Go to it. Reveal all. Show us how those other “Christians” have had it all wrong across the millennia.
        Change! Grow!! Do that Movement!!!

        (…grabs popcorn and gets comfy….)

        On a serious note, please watch this video that deals with the Hell issue. It comes in 2 parts.
        On the one side you have a Christian talking about Hell. On the other, you have Matt. The topic of Hell comes up quite a lot on the show “Atheist Experience”. The contortions that Christian apologists come up with to justify it are painful. Check them all out. If you can do better, then go for it.

        Matt Dillahunty destroys a Theist Part2 | Atheist Experience

  1. They see religions which withdraw from the world as moving away from truth. This is part of the reason why they see the existence of God as counter progressive. Altizer wrote of God as the enemy to man because mankind could never reach its fullest potential while God existed.

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