What is supernatural?

What is supernatural? It is other than natural, not part of reality. Whatever reality turns out to be, it is natural. If we have souls, they are natural. If there are angels, they are natural. Anything that is part of reality, is part of creation, and therefore natural. So, what is supernatural? It is something that does not have a nature, something that is not created, does not exist in our world. If God is said to be supernatural, what does that tell us about God? Nothing. It gives us no knowledge of him. It only tells us what God is not. God is not-universe, not created. God is wholly other than the universe. The word supernatural, then, is exploratory. It is a step into the unknown to try to give it a description. Those who use it disparagingly step into nothing briefly only to mock it. Those who use it with reverence express only a desire to know, to know the source of everything.


5 thoughts on “What is supernatural?

  1. The trouble with human comprehension is that it often works in spectrums rather than well formed gradations. Existence as we know it is the natural world, what is not part of existence is supernatural. That sums up the various definitions you can find.

    Despite the definitions it is no more than specifying something that is not part of nature as we know it. The more we know of nature the weirder it gets. At this moment it is believed there are 10 dimensions plus time and we only know three of them intimately. The laws of nature as we know them seem to break down at the singularity (just before the big bang) yet Krauss explains to us that nothing (space) really isn’t nothing and that matter popping into existence is logically possible and probably happens all the time, just so far from here that we can’t observe it with our current technology.

    In a way then, the supernatural is only that which we have not yet found a way to view or analyze. To presume that there is a non-natural place or beings is to presume there is a place outside of the natural existence. It is a presumption of the highest order and historically based on a very poor understanding of existence. Time moves on, information accumulates and old definitions become stale and useless. When I use the term supernatural I mean anything outside of existence, whatever existence turns out to be. The universe that we know is dumbfoundingly vast but I believe it to be only a small part of existence. We humans are more insignificant than we have ever imagined. All our discussions are still rooted in language that places us at the center of existence in a perfect spherical existence… and it is utterly wrong.

  2. ****(comment edited by Admin. I will ban you if you keep it up)****

    “To presume that there is a non-natural place…”

    Yep, it all rests on assumptions.

    How tall are unicorns?
    That rests on an assumption too.

    Most people would feel uncomfortable starting a conversation that way.
    Yet religion gets a free pass as it’s geographically specific.

    (And by religion, I mean…religion. It’s not a synonym for your particular brand of Christianity.)

    1. Ban me for what?
      If you have a comment policy that expressly forbids taking your own comments and then switching the labels around then spell it out.
      All I did was substitute “supernatural” with “magic”.
      How come that gets you all worked up and you threaten me with banning?
      If you can’t handle criticism of your arguments of even the most mild kind then you shouldn’t invite comments in the first place.

      All religions are the same. Can’t you see that?
      Your empty, wispy claims about your brand-name god are as wispy as any other claims about any other god or pixie or whatever.

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