Let the Debate Begin!


This is to announce that the following posts consist of a debate between myself and Ydemoc. It is a debate on metaphysics, epistemology, ontology, faith, evidence, and God. It has been going on for quite some time ever since my post called A Third Both/And Principle. The next few posts are intended to publicize the debate and make it available to a wider audience. Ydemoc will take the intellectual position against me as a follower of the philosophy of Objectivism. It was made popular by Ayn Rand, an author who is most known today for her novel recently made into a movie of the same name called Atlas Shrugged. I am not so fortunate as to have a name for my philosophy, although there may be one. But, my philosophy gives a wide room for God, one may even say it is subordinate to God, and consequently I am religious. The point of contention between us consists in the fact that Objectivism not only leaves God out, but also argues that God, or one’s belief in God, produces contradictions.

So, over the next few days, grab your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy a thoroughly intellectual discussion on the great topics of life.


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