Both/And Principles

As of late, humanity has rushed head long into a disconnectedness that separates us from almost everything. John Stuart Mill proclaimed the individual was paramount, and expounded a doctrine that de-emphasizes community, family, and fraternity. The Enlightenment separated reason and imagination. The founding fathers separated church and state. Everywhere we see distinctions between organic and inorganic; values and facts; conscious and unconscious; design and random variation; purpose and chance; mind and body; reality and fantasy. Yet, being able to discern distinctions, doesn’t necessitate a separation. Are these concepts opposite operating principles, what I call “either/or” principles; or are they principles that work together, “both/and” principles?

In the following posts, I am introducing some principles that attempt to enjoin things that have been thought to be separated. The first post will be up shortly.

-Dan O’Brian

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