The “New” Insane


I wonder what’s going on with this classification of Christianity as a disease. I’m pretty sure, with the way they describe it, this also applies to all religions as well. I mean, what are we supposed to say of the ancient man who first started to explain the world? That he was insane? This desire to explain our existence is a natural part of man, and the first man certainly felt it. And even today, if a man had no concept of today’s understanding of science and the natural world, if he were hidden away from the rest of humanity and left to explain things on his own, he would probably come up with the same thing as the ancient man: that God or gods formed the world in some manner. Are we to call this natural state of man crazy, insane, and all other sorts of things? One would have to view the whole history of the world as some kind of insane roller coaster ride that came to its highest peak around the time of Rome when Christ came into the world. Then the Catholic Church came and wrote this insanity into stone and held the world prisoner until the Renaissance. And even then it was just a prelude to a little bit of sanity. Nevermind what our Reformation brothers were doing nearby. They were just holding on to insanity. It wasn’t until the enlightenment when we could really begin to throw off the shackles of craziness and even then it was only a few people who did. And today, the world is still about 80% insane, but we expect this whole religious thing to die off soon.

The non-religious are calling religion a mental deformity, an abnormal state. The ancient and the modern man who do not subscribe to this modern naturalistic science mumbo jumbo are just insane. But the problem here is that, if anything, the modern naturalist is the abnormal one. The ancient and modern man are doing what comes natural. They are holding onto a purpose for the world, and can’t let it go without some modern education into abnormality. Then they can leave their insanity and join the vocal majority who dictate the new “normal.” Yes, let’s call an abnormal state a normal one and insult most every human in history right down to the last man standing who still intuitively sees purpose. That’s the best way to honor our dead relatives, not to mention our mothers who took us to church so that we wouldn’t turn out like blockheads.

2 thoughts on “The “New” Insane

  1. I’m glad you said this; I’ve often felt that many atheists are going for shock value in their comments, and coming across as a bit insane as a result.

    It does to be at least as judgmental as those worst examples of the insanity of religion: the Pharisees.

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