The Importance of Evidence


Perhaps a handful of archaeologists will find “evidence” of our era 10,000 years from now. That thought highlights the profound indifference of this life. It’s indifferent to our hopes, our futures, goals, ambitions, our goodness, and our evil. It can drive men to despair of this life, to live in absurd revolt against it, or to hope in some eternal glory of the next. But, to call life absurd is to be absurd. To live in revolt is to reject peace. To despair is to reject life. What else can man do except find peace in hope?

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Evidence

  1. Well, we can act to implement hopeful solutions to known problems rather than stick our head into our nether regions and pray it will all be better in the next life.

  2. I liked this. I am also tempted to suggest that we find peace in the moment. Find peace in what is. I heard something rather inspiring not too long ago, it was; “Can you be content without a reason?” If the answer is yes, you have found peace.

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