The Beginning of Clarity in Religion (Part 4, final)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

When considering myself, I find that, I, like the world, am two sided. On the one hand, I find a desire for God; and the other hand I find shaking in defiance against him. What greater act of defiance is there than to deny his existence? What greater act of desire than to love him? But, it is as if when faced with the two ways that I am, there is an “antecedent me” in a state of wholly free choice in the matter. I can choose to love my desire for God or choose to love my defiance of God. But, this “antecedent me” only has free choice if the world does not wholly hide God nor wholly reveal him. If he is fully revealed, my will is powerfully directed towards God and my choice is slighted. If he is fully hidden, again my will is compelled against him.

In light of this, the man who demands that God appear is, therefore, asking God to make his choice for him. He squanders a choice that is free from manipulation by God and nature. He doesn’t think his free choice is as important as God does. Some atheists think it so unimportant that they claim to have no choice in the matter at all.  They believe they have no free will. I find this to be a logical conclusion of denying God’s existence. God has given them intellectual satisfaction in their choice by letting them reason that they have no choice. It seems as though God has provided every man a certain rest in whichever choice he makes, for each can support their choices with reason.


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