A letter to those who have witnessed great evil in these modern times

Knowing then full well the great evil that lies within each of us, can we trust anymore other men for the answers? Every man is a liar, for what dwells within us is a lie. We are broken from the inside, pretending we are whole, and instructing others in our well developed version of lies while passing them for truth. Thus, our hearts cry out for truth to come and rid us of ourselves; we who speak healing and hurt with the same mouth, hatred and love, words of peace and words of violence. How long should we be suffered to live as a contradiction? Who will come and relieve us of this burden? The great necessity is that the truth must find us. There is no other alternative, for a lie can never reach the truth. It will forever miss the mark.

6 thoughts on “A letter to those who have witnessed great evil in these modern times

  1. Umm… you see, this starting assumption – that we are somehow born ‘broken’ is a huge lie and leads to all kinds of unnecessary emotional coping problems.

    Truth – in the sense of a Platonic form cannot come to us because it is not a thing that exists…. anymore than a beautiful sight doesn’t ‘come’ to us from some giant waiting area ready to be delivered. Rather, it’s our job to open our eyes and find it, to learn to see the natural world for what it truly is.

    What dwells within you is your biology and the experiences you have had interacting with this world. You don’t have a ‘nature’ – again, in the Platonic sense of a human form. The more unnecessary belief baggage you bring with you will deeply affect the quality of honest interaction you can have with the world. How open your mind is to experiencing the world on its terms will directly affect the quality of truth you are able to extract from it.

    1. While I do believe that we should remain objective and have a good grasp on reality, I do not believe that it is as hopeless as it sounds in your blog. We are told that in the multitude of counselors there is safety. We are also told to obtain wisdom and understanding. There is light in us. That light leads us to the truth if we let it. It also makes it possible to be able to get advice from others with a certain degree of assurance given that we exercise discernment and investigate a person’s credibility and authenticity. We cannot find truth in a transient world of varied perceptions. We can find truth only in a Person…a Rock Who never changes.

      1. Jesse,

        It seems to me, from your writings, (and I do know you personally) that a transcendent truth has already found you and that it came from a transcendent being. This only supports what I wrote. This “light” helps you to recognize truth when you see it in the multitude of your counselors. We must start with the humble recognition that we contain a lie in ourselves and then accept the truth when HE comes and finds us.

    2. Tildeb,

      You said, “this starting assumption – that we are somehow born ‘broken’ is a huge lie”

      You indicate that you are whole. This means you contain no evil or error inside of you. It means you have never lied, never hated someone, never been violent, never been hurtful, and never been wrong.

      Of course, you will say that you have done these things. And you must admit that there are lies inside of you, and evil inside of you. You are like a ship on the water with holes in it pretending you are a sound ship. You are lying if you say you are not broken. You’re just pretending you have no error in you. How then can I trust the answers you give me? You are just the same as the religious people and the humanists trying to push their agenda on everyone else. Tell me who’s agenda is right. Can you show me objectively? I don’t think so.

  2. Good thoughts here, Daniel. It is very similar in tone to the latter half of Romans 7.

    It is interesting that the observant person who lives in this world can see the evil that is present in both it and themselves, as you have pointed out. I battle it daily. I think it would be dishonest to admit to seeing evil in society as a whole, yet deny it on a personal level, as some do.

    It’s to a point in the public forum that I personally find it hard to trust the majority of people entirely. Having lived with a human heart for quite some time, I can come to agree with Tertullian’s assessment that “…in the best [of people, there is] something bad.” And, actually, there’s something that all religions and philosophies can agree on: there’s something wrong with the world and us. And their diverse reasons and remedies are not all equal.

    A question could be asked: Why has God so ordered us to be this broken? Could it be, in part, to firmly convince us that the solution to our problems can’t come from within, but from without? (I’m asking, I’m not telling.)

    Keep it up!


    1. Joshua,

      I appreciate your questions and enjoy the interactions we have. Your question “Why has God ordered us to be broken in this manner?” carries with it the tendency for an assumption that I find illogical in light of who God is. No corruption or brokenness exists in God, and therefore, no corruption or brokenness can be transferred to a created being during the act of creation. Some people who read this question may adopt the illogical assumption that God intended for us to be broken, that we are made to be evil. This is simply not the case. I think you would reject that premise as well and may actually be thinking of something else in conjunction with your question: that God gave man free will with consequences and the consequence of rejecting God is an inward brokenness which we are held responsible for. Of course, this would mean that acceptance of God on a deeply personal level leads to inward wholeness. So, your second question, “Could it be, in part, to convince us that the solution to our problems can’t come from within, but from without?” is a faithful assessment of reality. This is what is meant when certain Christian theologians assert that there is a God-shaped hole inside of every man which is the driving force in man’s nature that leads him to religion. Thus, religion will never go away. Religion can certainly go very badly. I’m not denying that. But, when religion goes right it affects a completeness in man and creates a very effective social cohesion. Good religion creates social profit. It is in this denouncement of ALL religion that the New Atheists themselves model for us a tearing down of the social cohesion of the entire world and even a denial of the true nature of man. They pretend humanity is whole when it is not. For these and many other reasons I find the New Atheism to be untenable. I cannot accept it.

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