Scientific Protestants dissenting from the Church of Darwin

Protestants are to the Roman Catholic Church what David Berlinski is to Darwinism.

In scientific observation we have but one Master, the natural universe, and it is our only acknowledged creed-book. I have endeavored to observe materials in the natural universe as though no one had seen them before me and I am as much on my guard against observing it today, through the medium of my own views yesterday, or a week ago, as I am against being influenced by any foreign name, authority, or system whatever, especially the dogmatism of Darwinism.

Click on the picture of David Berlinski below to see the video and join in the dissension.

One thought on “Scientific Protestants dissenting from the Church of Darwin

  1. There is no discussion. Berlinski if a Fellow at the Discovery Institute, for crying out loud. Their stated goal is to implement their Wedge Strategy in support of creationism in science classrooms. They produce not one whit of science but spend their money pushing their pseudoscience.

    As for better criticism then I can offer, please pop over here. You’ll soon find that his deceitful tactics and misdirections are alluring to the ignorant.

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