Let Truth grapple with Falsehood in the streets


Is there anything more basic than faith in the God of creation? Faith that he provided forgiveness and a way for us to be together? Indeed, many atheistic debaters say it is too simple. It’s when we use reason to describe him or what he wants that we have natural contention. To this, I say, “Bring it on.” Let truth grapple with falsehood in the streets. But, let us not bring our “isms” to the fight, these warped windows that we see the world through. Let us not use modernity as our foundation for argument, for it changes all the time. By all means, however, let the lies test the truth. The truth will be stronger as a result. But, let us not allow these things to corrupt our relationship with God. Once inferior ideas are understood to be inadequate, let us drop them and reject them as idols so that there is only the individual and God. If we are to stand before God and give an account, we will not be able to blame our “isms” or modern ideas. Faith saves In the end not reason, philosophy, theology, or intellect. This is the only equality that matters to mankind throughout history, the equal opportunity of faith in God to all people at all times. For no other equality reaches the eternal.

12 thoughts on “Let Truth grapple with Falsehood in the streets

  1. I love those last two sentences. That kind of equality is the ultimate equality. Christ and His Cross…His offer of salvation and eternal life is nondiscriminatory. It is offered to all people. For what good is life here if there is no hope for what comes after?

    1. For what good is life here if there is no hope for what comes after?

      Indeed. Answering this question really defines how you live your life. But have you considered the wisdom of conclusions that lead you to base your answer on trusting assertions and assumptions about some unknowable hereafter? To me, this is a clear indication that you’re asking the wrong question with no way of determining the truth values of those assertions and assumptions.

      1. That doesn’t make sense. You say that “For what good is life here if there is no hope for what comes after” is a good question, and then you say its the wrong question.

        In you eyes, what is the right question? And can you provide the right answer?

      2. No, I don’t say it’s a good question: I recognize that it is a common one that religion pretends to ‘answer’. But the answer is not knowable. To me, it’s like asking what good is gravity if there is no hope for invisible unicorns: it’s a nonsensical question for which imaginings cannot truly answer.

        The right question is one that offers you a path to wisdom, a path to gaining an authentic and meaningful life well lived. There are many right answers.

  2. Is there anything more basic than faith in the God of creation?

    Yes. Your biology. No faith required but a long road to understanding its causes and effects and the mechanisms that bring about changes. Understanding this biological process in all its manifestations is effectively short-circuited by replacing this honest quest for knowledge with a pseudo-answer called godidit. This pseudo-answer is no answer at all but an statement of intellectual capitulation in favour of magical thinking that suggests such absurdities as a ‘creator’ that whips up a batch of humanity for its special consideration.

    But I do agree that truth will win out in the end, that faith-based beliefs will eventually be laid bare as the lies they are at the feet of what’s true and knowable. The equality for self-delusion is not what’s at stake here as what’s true wrestles with what people believe is true. What’s at stake is knowledge, and we can see the historical reality that knowledge does beat out faith-based ignorance eventually but that the battle is far from over. The real question worth our serious consideration is which side – knowledge or ignorance – are we on?

    1. It is our hope of eternal life that gives us peace and energy in this present life. So then, it is a way of life not of death.

  3. Tildeb,

    If biology’s causes and effects along with the mechanisms that bring about change are completely understood by all humanity, what have we gained?

      1. Or a complete state of homeostatic ignorant nonsense of the Rube Goldberg variety that occam could slice apart multidimensionally with a rusty razor. A circularly self-serving theory that fancifully is posed to explain everything by the imagination of its propagators through anecdote and description of assumption alone about the world. A theory with no scientific rigor not supported by mathematics nor drawn from general principles – the requirements of the serious scientific disciplines.

      2. Oh Tim, do stop your nonsensical ramblings and reveal your case against evolution. It has been shown to be highly explanatory with all kinds of practical technological and medicinal applications that work consistently and reliably well over time. You risk your life on the basis of this knowledge you denigrate every time you rely on modern medicine. So go ahead: show us your pre-Cambrian rabbit fossil please.

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