A Glimpse into the Atheistic Mind

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Atheist is like a child holding right hand….a scientist of logical intelligence ……left brain and the theist is like a child holding left hand …… a scientist of emotional intelligence ….right brain and mother is holding them like cosmic intelligence ….. mind of God ……  everyone’s childhood friend.

-quote taken from (Here)

The scientist who’s logic leads him to be an atheist can also possess great emotional distress. Thinking with his logical mind first, his emotional response to God is varied and skeptical. Thinking inwardly that God may be real he tests theories and evidence to find notions of him. Finding the worldly evidence can only point to God indirectly, he cannot be logically inconsistent in ignoring other possibilities. Because, in his mind, those possibilities are just as legitimate or more so, he is disinclined to believe in God. God is not “needed” in the world, but the feeling that God is needed in the heart the atheistic scientist cannot escape.  For, if God was real, great purpose and meaning and value could be given to man beyond the scope of his imagination. It is a fantastic feeling to think that he could be caught up in a greater purpose that began before there was time, encompassing not just the world, but the entire universe. The intellectual mind, however, will not let this hope tread into the realm of logic. Logic must be cold, calculating, impartial.  Some purely logical minds are not aware of this tension within, but for others, it relentlessly troubles the deep recesses of their heart.

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13 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Atheistic Mind

  1. divine….

    Atheist = A scientist with microscopic vision of logical intelligence = right eye with two-dimensional vision.

    Theist = A scientist with macroscopic vision of emotional intelligence = left eye with two-dimensional vision.

    yoga or union of both eye’s vision fields brings third dimension also, with this vision correction one will graduate from non believer and believer to knower of God.


    love all..

  2. “For, if God was real, great purpose and meaning and value could be given to man beyond the scope of his imagination. ”


    “The intellectual mind, however, will not let this hope tread into the realm of logic.”

    Ooh, those dastardly atheists with their ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

  3. Paul, I’d like you to demonstrate logically just how God doesn’t exist. And then could you logically demonstrating how Darwinism could possibly explain everything.

    Good luck.

      1. That’s just how they say it. They believe they can do everything w/o god. They dont realize that they themselves have the God part. 🙂

  4. What’s that supposed to mean? That somehow we are god? If you think that then ket me ask you this. Did you create the universe?

      1. interesting theory. I don’t think it’s depicted that way in any documents anywhere so I doubt you could back up the claim. Perhaps in the doctrine of omnipresence. Of course, being everywhere does not necessitate being everything or in everything for that matter.

      2. God created. He therefore expand existence. It doesn’t necessarily follow that exitence is god. He is the master. If we are god then that makes us the master and there is no such thing as “wrong” since no one can hold anyone else accountable since everyone is the “master”. Therefore to kill or destroy is just as good as to build up or protect life since both actions are now moral equivalent. Axtually I’ll take it a step further. To kill or to protect are not moral equivalent per say, what they are is morally irrelevant along with every kind of action if we are the “master”.

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  6. No.

    Atheism does not mean pure logical thinking, already since humans with all their emotions and beliefs (yes, even atheists have beliefs, and even if it’s only the belief in some yet to be (dis)proven scientific theory) are a highly illogical species.

    It does mean being convinced that there is no god. However, this is as impossible to prove scientifically as is it impossible to prove scientifically that there is a god.

    And yet, atheists can and do possess the appropriate sense of humility before the wonders of the universe, as well as the feeling to be part of something bigger, and to have a purpose beyond the mundane. Which is what – hopefully – unites those who believe in a god and those who don’t across all the differences there are.

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