God Does Evil!

I do not deny that God does evil. However, This does NOT stain the character of God in any way, it merely accentuates his righteousness in judgment, as you will see. The scripture says, “God repented of the evil which he thought to do”. God was going to do evil? What was the evil he was about to do? He was going to destroy (Exodus 32:10) the children of Israel after they made stone calves and claimed that the calves where the actual ones that freed them from Egypt’s tyranny. As the context says, “They corrupted themselves.” (Exodus 32:7).

Ask yourself now, what is punishment? It is the action that fulfills justice. To the one receiving it, it is evil (corrupting or destroying the good that they are, or the good that they have achieved in their lives, or the peace they gained). To the one administering the punishment (evil) it is either the satisfaction of justice or the tool to bring proper behavior back. Indeed, when we all stand before God in the end, the ones who have rejected him will experience great evil (punishment), and from God’s perspective, justice will be satisfied.

The key here is that when man does evil, it is rebellion against God and the good things he made. When God does evil, it is punishment and the satisfaction of righteous judgment. It’s silliness to think that God is rebelling against himself or corrupting himself. God’s evil is the action of perfect judgment. Against it, none of us can stand.

However, Jesus’ death satisfied the righteous judgment of God upon every man so that peace could exist between them if man chooses it.


One thought on “God Does Evil!

  1. I think there is a missing piece to the equation you have presented. While some of what you have stated is accurgate regarding God creating evil, it is important to weigh in on the fact that God created satan f/k/a Lucifer for the execution of evil. Moreover, satan must receive approval from God before inflicting evil upon mankind (Job 1:12; 2:2-6). All of Hell is controlled by God, that is why God does not have to do evil, but created evil for the day of judgment. There were many times that Moses reminded God that he should not do the evil he intended to perform upon the Isrealites for their hardness of heart because of how it would look in the eyes of God’s enemies. So God repended for the thoughtand words spoken, not the act (Exo. 32:14) which he never did. Big difference there. You might take the position that God does evil, if you’re a little looney and lack understanding, but fact of the matter is that He is God and has power to do over all his creation in the heavens, on earth/seas and under the earth whatever he deems necessary. We need to be more grateful that he does not judge us after the evil that mankind does and he is merciful and loving beyond our comprehension (Jer. 4:22). How do you think Jesus rose from the dead after staying three and half days in hell. It was God who commanded satan, “it is enough the debt of the sins of all mankind is paid in full, let him go”. Then the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead. But it was commanded by God. Notice Jesus did not have to go to hell a second or third time for the redemption of mankind, but once.

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