The Ground-Zero Mosque vs the First Amendment

The ground-zero mosque offends some American’s sensibilities, but it’s hard for some Americans to describe why they feel this way. The goal of Islam is a theocracy with their religious leaders at the top. Theocracy being the product of true Islam, it is also the goal of the people supporting the ground-zero mosque. The position of the government is one of tolerance and the protection of free speech. But what free speech has come to mean in this country is that it is worse to suppress speech advocating a muslim theocracy than to eventually be ruled by a muslim theocracy. There is no reason whatsoever to throw constitutional protection around such speech except to protect the advancement of muslim ideals, which brings Sharia law with them, and the enjoyment of those hearing or speaking these muslim theocratic words. Certainly, non-muslims don’t like to hear about what life would be like in such an environment. The irony is that, in a republic, where the polls are open and elected representatives make the law, there can be no value in speech advocating the closing of polls or nullifying the effect of laws democratically made. But that is exactly what the special treatment of Islam will do in this country. What did we do when we entered the muslim country of Iraq? We instituted the election process. Why did we have to do that? Because freedom was being suppressed and democracy does not originate from Islamic thought. In true Islam, the church and state are one. This nation staunchly holds to the separation of church and state; protecting us from a theocratic government, yet we allow such un-American ideas to have a foot hold in this country from people that not only walk towards that goal peacefully, but also have a militant side that is willing to fight to that end. Allowing a mosque to be built in a place like this is like pouring salt on a wound to some Americans, and is more harmful to the prohibition of the establishment of a government religion than a short, bland, non-sectarian prayer at a public school commencement. But a United States Supreme Court decision in 1992 in the case of Lee vs. Weisman made sure to drive religion and religious symbolism from the public arena. It’s interesting that the government is not too worried about driving muslim religion and its religious symbolism from this current public arena. Islam should be treated like any other religion in this country with no special concessions and no greater effect on the government than any other religion. We violate the first amendment when we continually give them special treatment.


One thought on “The Ground-Zero Mosque vs the First Amendment

  1. “yet we allow such un-American ideas to have a foot hold in this country”

    Absolutely, Daniel. That is precisely what it means to “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” (the First Amendment). Islam is a religion; Muslims have in the United States the right to free exercise. At least until, God forbid, theocrats revoke the First Amendment and remove Article VI from the Constitution.

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