Burning the Quran

Pastor Jones in Gainesville, Florida and his congregation of 50, have captured the attention of the world by proclaiming their intention to burn the Quran on this coming anniversary of 9/11. The story is found here. Almost everyone from Angelina Jolie to Sarah Palin to General Peteraeus has weighed in on the issue urging the pastor not to go through with it. The first amendment covers this type of behavior and there’s not much legally that anyone can do to prevent the book burning.

While everyone is focused on the pastor, we seem not to have noticed the extreme reaction of the Muslim world. “If this happens,” says Mohammad Mukhtar, a cleric and candidate for the Afghan parliament in the Sept. 18 election, “I think the first and most important reaction will be that wherever Americans are seen, they will be killed. No matter where they will be in the world they will be killed.” Apparently, the Muslim world is holding all of Amercia responsible for the actions of 50 people. And what about America’s reaction? Even though building a mosque at ground zero is offensive to many Amercians, we are tolerant of it, while at the same time intolerant of a book burning in which the Quran is the main course. Who decides when and where tolerance is to be used or not used? Maybe we should extend a little more tolerance to Pastor Jones (not support, just tolerance), and advise the intolerant and enraged Muslims to calm down. Instead we react in fear. Why does our tolerance lean toward the folks who want to kill us? At least Pastor Jones and his 50 congregants don’t plan to kill Americans if we start burning the Bible. It amazes me how fast the Muslim world has extended their violence to all of us. Maybe this Middle-Eastern quick temper (which reveals a little of how they see us) should be cause for national concern and not so much the burning of books.

Tolerance is, I think, the last and only virtue of a decaying society. In pursuit of this one virtue, we have left all other values behind. No wonder we don’t know when to be tolerant and when not to be.


4 thoughts on “Burning the Quran

  1. I guess my question to you is, are you surprised? I am not, I fully would expect it, and my belief is that if they were burning bibles in the middle east “we” would be quick to anger as well. Perhaps the response might even be more passionate if they were burning our constitution. I think the tolerance you speak of is something we must have because were the tides been reversed I think we would be in the exact frame of mind… perhaps rightly so that they are.

    1. Sure, we would be upset. But we wouldn’t go around killing all the people of one nationality because of the actions of a few. We wouldn’t even kill the few. I think the stark contrast still stands here. We are tolerant of those who would murder us and we are tolerant of those who would commit a similar offense toward us. No, we would not have the same reaction.

  2. The problem is, that we (as Christians) are supposed to “be tolerant” of other religions, but they aren’t expected to be tolerant of us. If Muslims were burning the Bible, I don’t think any Christians in the US would do anything. We are becoming stagnant, and all we would do is be upset over the issue. It is HORRIBLE that they said that they were going to kill every American no matter where they were, but at least they are 100% committed. I think we can learn from them. We need to be passionate about the Lord! He is real, He is true! Their religion is false, ours isn’t. So why are they ready to stand up when we tend to back down?

    Maybe I have the wrong mindset, but this is how it seems to me.

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