The Meaning of Life – A Look at the Life of Mark Sherrell

What is the Meaning of Life?

Earthly Meaning:

For the Christian, meaning is found when we give up the right to ourselves. Our meaning is insignificant compared to the worth of God. He is the only self-sustaining one. Meaning to us is found when we stop trying to find ourselves and seek after the person of God. His meaning is the greatest there is, and we can glory in him. I must decrease so that God may increase. Yet, when we try to put this meaning into words, words escape us, and all we can do is praise the God who is everything to us.

Eternal Meaning:

As humans, by naming something, we ascribe meaning to it. For those who are in his family, God has chosen a new name for each of us. (Rev 2:17, Rev. 3:12) We won’t know that name until we get to heaven. Although we try to look for our own meaning, it is actually ascribed by God and rooted in our new name. And though others may tell you what you mean to them, if God is increasing in your life, it is really God that they are finding any worth in. And what’s better, our new name is linked to God’s name, just like when you know a person better by knowing their first and last name. You then realize what family they belong to. Perhaps we will know our true meaning after God calls us by the family name.

My Uncle Mark recently died. Although, he was a drug addict for thirty years, he found victory over addiction the last years of his life. How do you measure a life lived? Most of his life would seem a waste to us as he lived in bondage as a slave to his own addictions. Yet, for those who have chosen to make God their God, he has made them a new person, and regardless of what Mark did, God made him a new person. He was still subject to the lusts and sins everyone else was subject to, but he had this treasure (his new person) in his flawed body so that the power of a changed life might be shown to be of God and not of him. The best we can do in this life puts us on our knees begging for forgiveness because we are not good enough. As the Bible says, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.”

I think it’s appropriate now to let Mark explain to you himself what happened to him:

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6 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life – A Look at the Life of Mark Sherrell

  1. Everytime I watch this video, I can’t help but think about how there are many people I know that I wish would come to this point in their lives now, instead of just before they die/died. Why does our flesh make it so hard to truly accept God’s salvation and live in the joy of the Lord now? They “know” it but I wish they would live it.

  2. O the power of God evidenced by a changed life!

    I am thrilled that he found the peace he looked for in a life time of searching, and that he discovered the life that Christ died to give him.

    It seems like we struggle to find meaning in life. In my opinion, the greatest meaning and satisfaction comes in maintaining a close relationship to Christ.

  3. My name is Cheryl and I have two beautiful children with mark Sherrell.
    Mark came and visited us a couple weeks before he passed. I was so excited for the kids,Marki and him set up a myspace together so they could send pictures back and forth, the sparkle in her eyes was worth a million dollars. I could see how much it meant to her to have her Dad back in her life. He met grandchildren he had never seen before, and they simply loved him.
    I remember looking across the table at him thinking how good he looked! And how possable next year my kids could have xmas with mom and Dad.
    My heart hurts so much for them because although he helped so many people, he left this earth far to soon. my girls need a Dad, and spite all the things he did they loved him. I wish they would have had as much time with him as some of the people he ministered to. I understand that he needed to get himself in the right place first, and he has done great things in other peoples lives, but I wish he was still here for the kids.
    We miss him!

      1. I HAD KNOWN MARK FOR MANY YEARS OFF AND ON WOULD SEE HIM OR SPEAK WITH HIM BUT I HADNT SEEN HIM OR SPOKE WITH HIM SINCE LATE 1990S I WAS LOOKING FOR HELP FOR My OWN SON WITH ADDICTION . I HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR GOD TO HELP MY SON TO SHOW HIM TO A BETTER PATH. I JUST KEPT THINKING MARK WOULD KNOW WHAT TO SAY or do words of encouragement. Mark could always be of help to others even when he couldnt help himself . THEN I CAME ACROSS HIS memorial video and knew god had led me even though mark had passed he spoke clearly in his video what my son and i needed to hear. What a wonderful gift leave behind hes still helping others!!! So glad he was happy and drug free . Hes Doing it gods way now still helping others. God bless!! LISA

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