Dear Atheist,

I am glad that you are not a man of half-truths. I don’t have to argue for a truthful interpretation of the scriptures with you. You esteem ALL of it to be incorrect. Your colleagues mostly agree on the words you use and the meaning of them. I have to put up with others casting doubt on the Bible. They say, “Well, God really meant this… or… If you look at it this way…” There is a movement to redefine the Bible and subsequently truth. But the nature of truth is exclusive. It’s natural for those in the wrong to prove they are right. No one wants to be wrong. I do not blame you for wanting to leave a people who interpret truth in light of their own perspective. I’m just sorry you didn’t see the real truth in action.

Staunch Theist


9 thoughts on “Dear Atheist,

    1. What is your life? It’s a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Do you know how futile it is to attain knowledge in the 70+ years we’re alive, and then hail it as the only thing that’s important. You know 1% of the knowledge of the universe, and that’s probably an exageration. To say the 99% isn’t important because we can’t see it or know it is ignorant. We will never have the full picture of existence unless it is given to us. So… what if a Creator just happened to give us a letter explaining a few things. It might be important.

  1. Many humans, both religious and non religious, me included, are not content with the 1% that we know. I would really like to gain more knowledge.

    “To say the 99% isn’t important because we can’t see it or know it is ignorant.”

    Who says that? Not me. You have erected a straw man.

      1. But Danial, you seemed to have gotten the impression from zebulonthered, when he said: “And if some people wrote a letter and just said it was from “The Creator”, would it still be important? I mean anyone with a pen and paper could do that…” that zebulon was “content with your 1%”
        How did you, from what he said, come to that conclusion? How does him not believing what you believe, make you believe he is content with only 1% of the knowledge available? This makes no sense?

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