The “Dear Atheist” Letters

Dear Atheist,

Something is following you. It encompasses you as you sleep. It promises to turn your work into vanity. It steals your hope for the future, and reason can provide no answer for what shall be after its arrival. Justice is made null by its coming. You have no advantage in saving lives or in murder, for all acts will cease to exist and the remembrance of them will be no more. In the end, all will be darkness. No voice can utter its frightened cry after this being has delivered its final word. Its name is Death.

Any system that does not know the origin of human beings and cannot give our reason for being, certainly must remain silent on our destiny, or at best, argue for nothingness.


13 thoughts on “The “Dear Atheist” Letters

    1. Would you rather that your life ended with total obliteration, with no more impact on the universe than if you had never existed? Or would you rather continue to exist, having affected the universe so that it can no more remain the same? If, in fact, existing past our bodily deaths is just a convenient story, we are, as humans, most miserable. But if it is true, then we have everything to gain. I, for one, would rather hope for eternity rather than expect certain obliteration. What would you want? What would all men want?

  1. “Any system that does not know the origin of human beings and cannot give our reason for being, certainly must remain silent on our destiny, or at best, argue for nothingness.”

    When you say “know” are you referring to knowledge derived from falsifiable scientific research or knowledge taken from unsubstantiated folklore? If you are talking about the former, Christians take their ball and go home. If it is the latter, it is not really knowledge is it?

  2. I’m not talking about the Christian system. I’m talking about the Atheist system. Back up your own position instead of creating false opponents to knock down.

  3. daniel, carol… it is not a question of what i would like after death… but a question of what is. and of what happens then? …. no one knows. period.

    am i taking a risk? a risk of what? i do not know what comes after or if anything at all is there. religion and its after-death fear gimmicks don’t work on me. what i know is that i am alive in this moment. this much i know. this much i can affect.

    1. The risk, is not summed up in after-life circumstances, but in present living too. Will you live for your Creator who alone has the power to forgive your sins, or for yourself in the filthy conditions of your own heart?

      1. Just because you have a ” filthy heart” you assume everybody else does too… You know what they say about assuming.
        I’m still waiting for the proof that your god is my creator. I know it is hard to see outside of your own world view, but come on… You could try.
        Tim, I am sorry that you have come to a place of such guilt that you have to live it out like this. I have been there. There is hope. Just open your eyes to the world as it is… It is not the way you have been told it is.

        …I know that was pointless. 🙂

  4. zebulonthered, thanks

    tim, “creator”, “sins”, “filty heart”… does not express the truth of existence but the religious bagage that sadly weigh down on your mind. it is inacurate. even false.

    you and i live here. on earth. in nature. nature has rules. ways. it creates and it destroys. it has positives and negatives, mountains, and valleys, highs and lows. it gives life and takes it away. the more we understand the less we discredit.

    i feel at ease and at one with nature and with who i am.

  5. 1. Do agnostics count as atheists in your world-view?
    2. This life is all I have, as anything further is clearly not verifiable. Hence, the best possible incentive is still available to guide moral conduct: no spare chances, your only legacy is the positive impact you can have, the genes you pass on, and the behavior of those that carry those genes. I attempt to conduct myself in a manner consistent with this ideal, and bear sole responsibility for my actions. I can neither shrug off a lifetime of ill action with a deathbed act of piety, nor allow a lack of god to make my time meaningless.
    3. At the end of the day, a sane atheist, a sane agnostic, and a sane Christian end up doing almost the same thing: treating their fellow man with respect and just doing their best to get by. So the sum effect of god on my life is effectively nil. I accept that the idea makes it easier to get through life, for many people, and support that. However, the origin of life is a question for study, not to be stifled by a book that, ironically, is a spiritual guide and makes no pretense of being a science book.

  6. Digitalboi has stated it very well. I would add that were I to pick one of the available creeds to follow in the hope of having an existence after this one, I would be afraid of offending all the other gods out there. It seems more likely that there are many gods, or no gods, than it is that there would be just one. Pascal’s wager is flawed.

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