The Old and The New

The world was flat, now it’s round;
created, now evolved;
empty, now overpopulated;
the center of the universe, now it’s off to the side somewhere;
evidence that God exists, now evidence that nothing previously existed;
comfortable, now too warm;
big, sometimes small;
worshiped, now analyzed;
standing still, now moving;
existing, or depending upon our perception.

The world never really changed, everyone else has. Ever think we’re all just over informed? All we really know is that it was here before we were born. Oh, but let’s just keep making our own meaning in life ’cause we’re good at that. So, now I ask you a question. How old is the earth?

5 thoughts on “The Old and The New

  1. I like the last one – “existing; or depending on our perception.” Descartes purposefully assumed that life was just a series of perceptions and not necessarily reality. He then held only to what he knew that he knew. From there, in questioning the tangibility of his own existence, he found that someone had to be asking the question and exclaimed “I think, therefore I question, therefore I am.” It added a variable to the logical equation “I think, therefore I am” by insisting that a question raised inspite of pure perception, proved the existence of the questioner.

    Just having fun. 🙂

  2. Sounds like descartes needed to go ride a roller coaster or something and just have some fun! Maybe then his “perception” would come back down to reality. Life is life. . .just live it!

  3. I’ve noticed that every few years the Earth and the Universe in general get a few billion years older. Seems like when I was in school (not too long ago), the universe was 3-5 billion years old. Now it’s more like 15-17 billion years old.

    Although, some of the scientists spouting these figures also say the “big bang” violates the laws of physics, that too much happened in the first fraction of a second. So apparently whatever was here initially could do whatever it wanted, but then for the rest of eternity is bound by our laws of physics, which we use to calculate all these figures that we can’t prove… But I digress…

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