Just Plain Coffee

No cream, no sugar please. A simple life is the envy of many people. The Amish seem to have it down to a science. However, no one wants to give it up. There is too much technology integrated into our lives. Even though we acknowledge there is life without it, we don’t want it. It would be interesting to see this current culture stripped of all its amenities, all it’s cream and sugar. Humanity has been around for ages, and they’ve all been able to live without the internet. If this generation was thrust into a life without amenities, they may find that our culture isn’t so important after all. No cream, no sugar. Just plain coffee.

2 thoughts on “Just Plain Coffee

  1. I think its safe to say the economy is dependent on the internet now. So take it away and watch the chaos. I think that’s what we would have. Chaos.

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