Economic Recession… Really?

Thoughts from La Encantada (It’s a mall folks)

I thought we were in an economic recession. No one could tell from the group of stores I visited today. Items were so expensive that I wonder how these stores stay in the black. A little black dress costs $800. A shirt with barely any fabric on it costs $180, and that was the cheapest we could find. Who would buy these things. I know I don’t have the money, and yet hundreds of people were walking around like they were completely comfortable with the prices. (There were a lot of white people) I bet if the store made one sale a day they could close the store and go home. The stuff is that expensive! Ridiculous! Sometimes I think the whole economic recession was made up so the country would fall into a panic. I tell you, the more power and trust we put into our government, the more deceived we are.

On the plus side, I saw a lot of unique items. These were inexpensive but still interesting.

This is hot sauce folks!

This was very good root beer. Less carbonation and more syrup. Yum!

I couldn’t pass this one up. Lucy… you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

3 thoughts on “Economic Recession… Really?

  1. To me, all a recession means is that the media gets a hold of a little info that could possibly mean our govt’s funds aren’t what they should be so therefore, since media seems to hold power over all our emotions, they harped, and harped on it, sent people into a scare, and lo and behold . . .a recession. Which would have never happened in the first place if the media would have let it go.

    1. Well it doesn’t have anything really to do with govt funds. It has to do with spending cycles from the general public, mostly. But you’re right about the media. They start talking recession and people start planning for it. Business owner’s cut pay, deny promotions, don’t hire. Consumer’s save money and therefore don’t buy and don’t invest. Or they freak out and pull their investments. All this causes a real recession where one might never have existed. If the self-serving media would keep their mouths shut we might all be better off. But no, they have to report their precious little story no matter how it hurts everybody else.

  2. And if our darling president gave the stimulus packages to the PEOPLE, and not the banks and big corporations, we could put it back into the economy. Well, golly gee, maybe Pres. Bush didn’t do EVERYTHING wrong, after all! 😛

    And, Danny, I love you, but that comment about how it was a high end mall and most of the people there were white… kinda rascist, no?

    I still want one of those Louis Viouton purses… I could put a miniature dog in it!

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