Ah… The Memories

For those of you who know what this is… enjoy.

If you don’t know, this is a house in Kentucky my family used to live in. It has since run down and no longer looks like this.

It’s me in the picture. Mmmm.. the stupid things we used to do: smoking on the roof, vandalizing the abandoned house behind us, breaking into the school up the road, spying on the Christmas presents through the vent upstairs, etc. I’m sure my brother and sisters can think of more.

10 thoughts on “Ah… The Memories

  1. standing in front of the huge heater fan to dry my hair, riding our bikes through Mr. Lannom’s yard, chasing pluto through the neighborhood, playing capture the flag with Robbie and JD Rye. . .

  2. Dropping bb’s on people heads through the vent. BTW, heather, I’m sure you were just as horrible as the rest of us sinners digging out an identity from the restrictions of childhood. 😛

  3. What an awesome house!!!!

    I remember giving tours of the house and showing how the angles in the roof joists were made. Commenting on how they “used to do it”

    I also remember being somewhat of a sinner.
    in fact a “horrible sinner”

  4. Tim, I was never one to smoke cigars on the roof and tell my dad I was carving my name in the tile… :p I was a pretty good kid, actually, which is probably why Danny is always telling me I never had a childhood.

  5. Oh man! I remember the awesomest watergun fight ever. Me and Ginny getting caught by that cop at the school. Ginny getting clotheslined on her bike as she ran away from a gang of dogs. Bottle rocket wars. Leaking roofs. Bike wrecks, etc…

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