Cool it with the Phones People!

Why is answering the phone so important? People drop whatever they do so they can answer it. People answer their phones in the middle of speeches, on the toilet, while they’re on another phone, in church, in the movie theater, while they’re eating dinner, in the middle of a conversation (with an actual living person in front of them), and the list goes on. Nowhere is this blatant disregard for dealing with what’s in front of you more annoying than in the store. I’ll walk into a store and try to get the clerk’s attention but he is busy answering the phone. (And don’t those phone conversations seem to last forever?) Nevermind that the line at his register is 10 people long.


The phone rang in my house yesterday and even though I was eating dinner I instinctively went to get it. Ah, but fate threw a twist in my plans. The phone was not on the receiver. I put a valiant effort into finding it, i.e. scanning the room quickly after which I proclaimed the phone would not be answered. My wife about had a panic attack, so I continued the search. Finally, the phone stopped ringing and we went back to eating.

 I’m a firm believer in not answering the phone. Most of the time, nothing on the phone is more important then what I’m doing at the time even if I’m watching Phineas and Ferb. People, if you call my phone, you can…. oh… wait, the phones ringing.

9 thoughts on “Cool it with the Phones People!

  1. I can remember our parents teaching us by example that it was rude to answer the phone when you had visitors at your house. . .

  2. um, that comment from Tim was actually from me, Ginny. . .apparently people don’t know how to log out of my computer!!

  3. ha ha… Ginny just called Danny as I was reading this post… apparently Danny really doesn’t like to answer the the phone. oh wait… he’s calling her back… should she answer?

  4. Additionally……the whole “drop everything to answer the phone” phenomenon can be explained by a little thing called Classical Conditioning. Ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs? Pavlov introduced his dogs to two stimuli simultaneously – a ringing bell and meat powder. After a while he removed the meat powder and only rang the bell. What he found was that, when the dogs heard bell ring, they salivated whether or not he gave them meat powder. They had been conditioned to expect something savory at the bell’s ringing.

    Try this: hide the phone. Put the ringer on high. And next time the phone rings just sit back and watch the mayhem ensue when everyone but you tries frantically to locate it.

  5. My siblings and I almost dived for the phone when it rang. I don’t know why. However, once we were getting ready to say the blessing together at a meal. It was always the same words, and we always said it together. The phone rang. We ran for it. Terri grabbed it first and said, “Father we thank Thee…uh..uh…hello?” It was quite hilarious!

  6. I’m sure that Tim remembers this… one time in Texas the phone was ringing and I ran out of my room in only a top and my panty hose to get to it first. lol.

  7. Phineas and Ferb shouldn’t be interrupted except for emergencies! It’s good, clean entertainment, and it’s hilarious. I watch it every chance I get. It gets better each time, as you learn more of the recurring inside jokes. Everyone should check it out — it doesn’t matter how old you are. (Of course, if you think “it’s a cartoon so it’s for kids only”, there is a level of prejudice already built up that needs working on.) 🙂

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