Meaning, as a concept, seems to be woven into the fabric of our lives. Just look at the latest magazines on the shelves. Everyone is searching for meaning. You’d think that if we all evolved that there would be some folks without a purpose. By mere chance, there has to be someone out there whose life doesn’t mean a thing. Not everyone needs to live a meaningful life in order to contribute to humanity. That is, if you believe that we are here on the earth by chance. The fact remains that everyone, down to the last pathetic human being, searches for and believes that there is meaning in their lives. And meaning is linked to purpose. Find what action you are supposed to fulfill and your life will be fulfilled.

 But is there inherent meaning in our lives, or is this all just a lie we make so we can continue living? Nietzsche says that even rocks have a purpose. A rock can stop you from occupying the same space as itself. It exerts a force upon you, however passive, and stops you from going so far. As humans, we also give things around us names. By naming something, we give it a supposed meaning. We aren’t content to find meaning in our lives, but we look for meaning everywhere else.

 Now you may say that we superimpose meanings on our lives and everything around us, but there is no real meaning. Usually, those who say this say that we can find meaning in the actions we do throughout the day, but there is no “one” meaning or “one” purpose for our lives. While no real meaning is involved, we imagine meaning. However, if there is no real meaning, I might as well stop writing at this very moment and quit life in general.

 Either there is inherent meaning in everything or there is not. If there is inherent meaning, then the universe has a purpose. If it has a purpose, there is a cause. If there is a cause, there is a causer. And this causer is responsible for everything. If there is no meaning, then we all live in delusion. We suppose meaning that isn’t there. We must all question our sanity. Why would we not live in reality (whatever that is)? Have we adapted throughout evolution just to stay alive? But why stay alive? Is it so important that we breathe and move? What is life anyway if we are all just tissue, bones, blood, and organs moving about? Give me one good reason to go on living if we all just live in delusion. Life for the sake of life has no meaning. The world will never accept such a thesis.

 The search for meaning in our lives is a search for God–clear and simple. Even the atheist goes on living. Now, why would he do that?



10 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. I love the eye test at the end. One could say we give ourselves meaning but it’s circular reasoning to do so. Meaning means nothing if a person can have just as much meaning spending his days playing video games as someone who feeds the poor. Society may have a thing or two to say on behalf of feeding the poor but their objections or observations have no bearing ultimately. The only thing that makes one thing more meaningful than the other is that all of us will one day face death. And none of us has empirical evidence about what lies beyond the grave. The relative meaningfulness or lack thereof in someone’s life is decided by what is found on the other side.

  2. “If God exists and we are made in his image we can have real meaning, and we can have real knowledge through what he has communicated to us.” — Francis Schaeffer

  3. “If there is no meaning, then we all live in delusion.”

    Not quite.

    If there is no ultimate meaning, then those who think there is live in a delusion.

    Those of us who recognize that the universe has no ultimate meaning and strive to create meaning for ourselves do not live in delusion.

      1. Who said it’s not real?

        The meaning I find for my life and the things I do is very real. Just because a deity or the universe didn’t come up with it doesn’t make it unreal.

    1. The real question is: by what authority is my perception deemed unreal? The question implies that my authority is just as good as anyone else’s in the universe, including a possible god. But you can’t say this anymore than I can say that the real purpose for the telephone Alexander Graham Bell invented was for it to be used as a door stop. We do not have the knowledge of the universe and therefore cannot testify to its purpose or causation. None of us were there in the beginning. Therefore, any meaning that we can come up with says nothing to the actual purpose of the universe. We are the “wild cards” of the universe, saying this or that depending on our perspective. My assessment of a car being a car has no effect on its actual disposition. The car’s being and purpose are not affected by what I think. Nevertheless, we are the ones who superimpose a meaning and call it our reality.

  4. My meaning in life is not something I can determine for myself. If I could determine it, I could just as easily undetermine it. Something or someone must give me a meaning. Otherwise, it is irrelevant.

  5. I like life….I find it interesting.

    I often like to take a step back and try to observe myself. Yet, too often all I see is a young man observing himself. What then is the meaning of life?? I can’t seem to find the answer to that question inside me. Perhaps the meaning of life cannot be found inside myself, but in other people or other things.

    But then I start thinking and I start asking myself questions; “Why is it that I was born into a wealthy family in a wealthy country??”; “Why isn’t it me who’s sitting in the filth of some side street, orphaned and without food??” If some people have no possessions and no one to love them, then the meaning of life can’t possibly be about things like having lots of friends or being rich…unless the aforementioned person’s life is void of all meaning (which I do not believe to be true).

    The only conclusion that I can come to is that the meaning of life is for me to be loving and caring to the people around me. I do not know why. However, this is the best thing I can think of that might give me satisfaction in life…

    1. This is an interesting idea. If something the people don’t do can’t be the meaning of life, then all we need to do is research what is that that all people (and everything) do.

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