Supernatural Gifts


A deity has given you the gift of omnipresence. What will you do with it? You do not possess omnipotence or omniscience. Could you even contain it in your body (your eyes can only see in front of you)? What use would it be without the other two gifts? Could you turn the gift on and off at will? Does is mean you could simultaneously be in hell and heaven? Could you see every atom and molecule? Does this mean you could shrink in size or is this not applicable? Are there places you would not want to be? 

I will answer these questions at a later time. In the meantime your answers are appreciated.

 Extra thoughts:

Is God present in hell seeing that hell is a place of eternal separation from God? Or does it mean that God sees hell and is not actually in it?

3 thoughts on “Supernatural Gifts

  1. God knows what’s going on in hell, but he is not physically in hell. God knows all things: omniscience.

    The human body definitely could not possibly be omnipresent. If a person had that gift, his or her body would have to be prepared for it. Also, the mind would have to be prepared for it.

    A human being could not comprehend everything at the same time, so in essence, seeing everything, he would see nothing: Blindness.

    A body can only exist in one point in space time. At two points, only half of him could be at the second point: death.

  2. I think omnipresence isn’t bring everywhere. It is having the ability to be everywhere. Then again, perhaps the property of omnipresence is only controlled by omniscience and omnipotence. One without the other two would cause a state of mental and physical chaos in the body of the omnipresent-only person.

  3. *gasp* I think I agree with Tim! Don’t tell him…
    I think that you’d have to have all 3, in order to have one. If you’re not all-powerful, then how could you possibly be all-present? And if you’re not all-knowing, could you really be all-powerful?
    I’ve got a headache… why do you make me think so hard?

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