Whut in tarnation is wrong wif bein’ homeshooled? ah’s a smart kid, cuss it all t’ tarnation. Not so fine at English, but ah speak it alright. Mah Mammy says thet ah will find a friend someday. She don’t knows thet ah go t’th’ next dore neighbo”s house when she’s not lookin’ an’ play wif Dillon. Th’ reason she doesn’t like them is cuz they lissen t’rock moosic. She talks all th’ time about how bad th’ beatles moosic is, but I’ve got a few of them in mah jar an’ they nevah hurt no one. Ennyway, they doesn’t lissen t’it while ah’s aroun’. They seem like church gwine varmints t’me cuz they lissen t'”Stairway t’Hevvin” all th’ time.


7 thoughts on “Hoemskoolers

  1. I was educated at home.

    And I will freely admit that compared to the rest of the population I’m not normal. For example, I’ve known what infralapsarianism was since I was 12.

    Being that kind of not normal is fine with me.

  2. Glad I wasn’t ever in either category, though I would LOVE to know what infralapsarianism means. Perhaps I should google it… who needs an education when there’s google, right? lol

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